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H54F: Week 4

At least, I think this is the fourth week (although not consecutive) that I’ve done such a post.

1) My husband, after being declined his vacation this coming week, was told that it has been approved after all! I am SO excited. 🙂

wpid-IMG_20130625_193337.jpg2) We bought Trubba some crayons and while he hasn’t exactly been listening about the proper use of them (like where he’s allowed to color), the speed at which he’s picked up learning his colors has been astounding! He’s also shown that he’s able to count to 3 without help and the many Surface games he’s been playing have brought him pretty accurate with his shapes as well.

3) 100 WP followers. Yes, yes I’m still beaming.

4) There were thunderstorms earlier this week and while our Thunder Fear Dog fears them beyond control, both my husband and I love them. Trubba had an awesome time running through the puddles afterwards.


5) Cumulative sales for Pink Zebra so far: $245!!! I may make it to my first 30 day “Quick Start” goal!!! I’m so stoked. 🙂


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