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100 WP Followers!

imageGosh! I’m blushing over here, I really am! 100 of you WordPress readers have liked me enough to stick around. ♥ I’m always curious to know about the numbers on other’s blogs, so here’s some stats on mine:

  • Comments: 271, 69 of which are mine.
  • Most searched term: Life. However, I’m going to suggest that anyone that wants hits to their blog to tag something “Rhett Butler.” I have seen that pop up more than anything over the years. (Okay, admit it. You searched for Rhett Butler didn’t you?!)
  • Most views in a single day: 51. I have NO idea what happened that day either, nor how to replicate it. My average is about 1-5 views per day and I get giddy when I crest over 10.
  • Total lifetime views 2,814.
  • Top 3 countries that are reading: USA, the UK and Canada.

Thanks to everyone that is reading. I hope I’ve brought a little sunshine and laughter into your days!


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