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Summer 2013 BOGO Sale

I’ve been trying to reserve my Pink Zebra posts for Thursdays, but this sale has items going fast, SO fast another consultant and I actually negotiated a trade for Sprinkles tonight because some stuff is already out of stock.

Anyhooo….the instructions:

Navigate to my site and add qualifying item in sales group to your cart. At check out, redeem your FREE item from the same sales group! DO NOT add all items initially or it won’t work. For example: add a jar of sprinkles, then at check out redeem your FREE jar of sprinkles from the same group! 🙂

The sale images:

Not sure what this whole “Sprinkle” thing is about? Pink Zebra sprinkles are made of a blend of soy wax and since the wax is in sprinkle shape you can easily mix them into your own scents! For example, an “Apple Cider” scent would be Farmhouse Cider and Red Delicious sprinkles mixed equally together. Sprinkle recipes can take you as far as your imagination can take you.


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