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Living With PZ

imageSo far, my life with Pink Zebra has been, well fragrant. We had a little mishap with my starter kit being shipped without cooling kits, so the all Soy Wax “Sprinkles” melted a bit, but I filed a complaint and that seems to have been resolved with new product, so yay!!

I finally made my way through all 51 scents and while there’s some I could definitely leave behind, there’s a majority that I could see putting in a warmer or mixed together and running the warmer all the time.

The reed diffusers are awesome and while I have yet to use my Simmering Light, the shade they sent me matches our bedroom decor, so it will probably be in there to start. And since my kit box has taken up residence in our bedroom already, it smells heavenly in there!!


I’ve yet to host or have a party, but I’m definitely looking forward to my launch in 13 days! Don’t worry, you’re also invited. If you’d like to keep up with my business adventures, you can give my page a “like” on Facebook! I WILL post on this blog with the party link (I’ll probably put it in the side bar) when it opens as well.


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