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H54F – Week 3

Sorry about my last three days of absenteeism. My husband actually had TWO days off in a row for the first time in over 8 weeks and we went and enjoyed life. Nothing fancy, but went out for breakfast one morning, the park another. It was nice not having work looming over his head for 24 hours!! 🙂 So, High Five For Friday….a day late! 😉

1. I finally was able to listen to Paramore’s new album and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with “Still Into You!” It describes my and my husband’s long term relationship to a “T.”

PZ logo2. Started up with Pink Zebra yesterday (like my page on Facebook, perdy please!). I’m a little apprehensive, but as I’ve mentioned before, my cousin is having success with it and if I can get a little extra “play money” with it, I’m all for it! We want to visit family on the east coast and paying off my car early are the top priorities. Paying cash for my education is another since I’ve found out to be an accountant I’m basically going to have to start over with my education. Yay. My 100 units so far aren’t a waste though. I still have a business degree and 3 certificates so there’s something to show for it even if it won’t help much with my long term goals. *sigh*

3. Did our budget this morning and we can actually breathe a little bit, which is awesome because I have to pick up a prescription this morning after my periodontist appointment. Easy come, easy go.

4. Trubba is putting together sentences left and right. I guess all those long naps are rewiring his little brain. Simple ones like “Mommy go doctor,” “Daddy work,” “Mommy ‘nother pashie pwease.” Gosh, he just melts my heart. ♥

5. Trubba has also been working on colors like crazy and getting more accurate with it. When he started up with it, everything was yellow, but now we’re branching out into blue, green, purple, red and white.


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