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H54F #2

1. Thinking of signing up for one of those “home businesses” to generate some extra income so that we can start doing more fun activities and I can have some extra money for clothes for myself. As we all know, mommies often put themselves last in their household. I told myself I was never going back into any sort of retail when I left my job, but I really like the product and that’s the biggest part of selling anything, so….. We shall see.

An old pic, but still aaaaadorable. 🙂

2. Today, I was hoodwinked by Trubba. While on our way home from Upland, I stopped at Bass Pro so he could see the fishies before navigating Friday traffic back home (we live off the 15 on the way to Vegas so traffic gets crazy Friday afternoon) and bought some yogurt covered pretzels. I thought that he liked them, so as I was driving I’d hand him one or two to munch on. Turns out, he was sucking the yogurt off and sticking the sticky pretzel down in the sides of his car seat. While this may not be something to be proud of, it shows he’s able to think independently and for that, I am thankful.

3. We were able to pay back $100 of the $800 that we pulled out of our small emergency fund this week for our car repair last week. It’s a rather GIANT gain in the right direction and really soon after we took that step backwards.

Screenshot-64. I’m on generation F of my Sim’s ABC legacy. That’s saying a lot considering I always got to C or D and became sick of the family. I feel like Supernatural did quite a bit to give it the re-playability I needed to continue. I’m starting to get back to my geeky nature and it’s been nice.

5. Tomorrow my husband turns the big three-o…and he’s working all day. I really wanted to plan something this weekend, but it just wasn’t happening with that huge car repair bill, so I guess we’ll be spending it as a quiet family dinner instead. 🙂


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