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Phone Apps

imageThat is the most used app screen on my smart phone right now and quite a few of those apps have revolutionized the way keep track of data, shop, save money, and keep in touch.

Baby Care was a much needed app when Trubba was an infant to track feedings, especially to a brain raddled-breastfeeding-first time mom. I couldn’t remember anything blurry eyed at 3 a.m., but having this app on my phone made it easier. I still track his growth on there today and if he ever becomes sick enough we’re weighted down with a medication schedule, I can track and set alarms for that too.

Woman Log is pretty self explanatory. I track Aunt Flo here because I can’t remember what happened 3 days ago, let alone two or three weeks ago. Seriously, I need that reassurance when I have a mini panic attack when I think I *could be*, but rationally I’m not, preggers.

Out of Milk has revolutionized my grocery shopping. In addition to being able to track what is (or isn’t) in my pantry at the moment and make my grocery lists, it allows me to browse through grocery ads right on my phone. It has most of our local grocery stores built in such as Albertson’s, Vons, Stater Bros. and Trader Joe’s. The only thing I look at the grocery paper ads for is coupons anymore.

Goodreads is an awesome app for avid readers. This allows me to pull my phone out of the pocket at places such as Barnes & Noble or Target and add a book to my “to-read” list before I forget it. (Can you see I have the memory of a goldfish yet?) It also allows you to rate titles and track what you’ve already read. This combined with my Nook “wish list” makes for a happy reader.

For those of you unfamiliar with PhotoGrid, that’s the app that I create all my photo collages with and the WordPress app makes it easier for me to upload them to here. The other apps on this screen (Twitter, Pinterest, etc) are pretty self explanatory.

What apps can you not live without? I’m always looking for new ones!


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