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Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday…..

Wednesday – y’know when you type it 3 times over it really starts to look like it’s spelled wrong. What an awkward looking word. Anyhoo—

So far this morning, I’ve spilled milk in the living room, had to search for Trubba’s pacifier three times within the half hour after he woke up, sent the poor husband to the DMV two and a half hours early thinking they open at 7 (they open at 9 Wednesday and Thursday I guess) and he’s still the fifth one in line!!!

It’s all good because I got to go shooting with my husband last night — I said WITH, not AT! Of course, I forgot to take pictures, but I did get to shoot off 20 rounds in my AR-15 which is always a good thing. It would have been more if we had more .223, but they want far too much for that stuff right now. Gotta love a good ammo crisis. 🙂


What are the rest of you up to today?? Not a rhetorical question! Comment below. 🙂


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