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Sims 3 University Glitches and Fixes

Screenshot-126As my twitter followers know, I’ve been playing a substantial amount of the Sims 3 since I bought the chicken coop for my game. I mean, who doesn’t like fuzzy yellow chicks? (And for those of you wondering, no I didn’t buy the whole farming set to acquire said chicken coop, I bought it in game which saved me quite a bit of cash in the process. Yes, I even budget when I game!!)

The biggest new thing in my game has been the University expansion pack. Lord, help me has this pack introduced glitches unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I suddenly had sims that disappeared when I sent them to University and textures not showing up. Oi. It has been a few things that I’ve just had to learn to work around or fix. So, here’s the low down on the glitch show down.
The missing sim glitch:

When I play the Sims3, I usually play an ABC legacy of some sort. It makes the game super easy to pick back up on since I’ll play with large amounts of breaks in between due to school, so it really irked me I went to send my “spare” (I play the whole heir and a spare way) to University before I sent my heir and boy was I happy I did — because she disappeared. There’s several fixes on the Sims 3 boards that require deleting files, reinstalling your game and so and so forth. I’m pretty good with technology, but when I read the instructions on that, I found my eyes crossing or dreading the time I would end up having to invest reinstalling all the EPs and SPs I have. Let’s face it: I ain’t got time for that!!

Instead, I ended up saving a copy of the family and moving them to another town. While this is outside of the scope of most legacy challenges, it ended up being a quick solution without my having to navigate the seemingly endless maze of files in My Documents files.


The missing texture glitch:

This can occur on sketch pads and the architect table from Ambitions and the fix is the same. Go to your Sims 3 files and look for:


…and delete them. You won’t be able to do this if your game is open, so do it before you start. Your game will generate new files when you start up again, but these ones won’t be corrupted and your images should return.

As always, save your game often, but especially do so when you’re setting up to switch maps with World Adventures or University. Believe me, it will prevent most of the swearing.


2 thoughts on “Sims 3 University Glitches and Fixes

  1. Thought it was just me with the missing texture on the sketch boards and such, but I guess it was going around. Thanks.

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