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2 Weeks

Today marks two weeks without a car. Needless to say, when I agreed to become a stay-at-home-mom, I didn’t think there would come a time that I stayed home so much. I mean this is verging on ridiculous.

Also, yesterday I battled one ant invasion after another. Firstly, they started in the kitchen, were cleaned up and treated, then they reinvaded around lunch time. I repeated the procedure of the morning and then went to put my son down for his nap and they were in his room. I used baby powder on them in there figuring I would handle that wave of invasion after Trubba woke up since they were nowhere near his crib. Then, I went to take my shower and they were literally covering our bathroom floor. At this point, I just wanted to cry in frustration, but opted to drown the suckers in Home Defense — yes, the entire floor. Later in the afternoon, I went back into our kitchen to start dinner only to find they had invaded again.

So, my husband did the only logical thing when he got home from work. He sprinkled granules that he had bought on the way home all over the trail of ants he found outside and then took us out to dinner at Applebees with the gift cards we had left over from our landlord after Christmas, y’know since our kitchen was still invaded with ants.

Ants are truly the worst thing about Summer here, followed closely by the 100+ degree temperatures. Yuck!


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