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BF Skinner

Education  is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.

How many of us have sat in class thinking: when am I going to use this again? And how many of us really remember anything we “learned” in class two semesters later?

This is one of the few semesters I actually think I may have retained a great amount of what I learned in Anthropology. Most likely this is due to the fact that I’ve applied many of the things to real life examples and not some odd shaped garden that needs soil six inches deep (Geometry was my worst subject, but give me a set of matrices and I’ll get to work!).

When we had cable/satellite, Discovery and the History channel were our favorite stations and this class gave us plenty of talking material considering we’ve shut all the cable off in this house to keep more money in our budget. I’m going to miss it. 😦


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