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Week Without A Car


Trubba is having far too much fun with having his car seat parked in our living room while Daddy is at work. It’s like the perfect height so that it’s about what an average chair would be to an adult in scale, so he can sit down comfortably in it and then get back on his feet again.

I was supposed to have my car back by Friday, but when our mechanic sent the damn company the VIN number on my car, they still managed to send the wrong part to him to use. Needless to say, I’m a little irritated with Ford and it’s just adding more heat to the letter I’m going to write them. We’ve been told the car will be finished on Tuesday, y’know, when we’re supposed to drive to San Diego to go to the zoo to finish my live observation of primates for my Anthropology class. *sigh* This whole car ordeal has just been a hassle and very disappointing. 😦


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