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My Aquarium

imageI’ve kept fish since I first became employed at 17. I’ve since owned birds (3 parakeets and a cockatiel to be exact), a chinchilla, and our two dogs, of course. The rodent and the birds have since moved on, mostly over the rainbow bridge, but the fish (and dogs) still remain. I’ve upgraded over the years from a 5 gallon cube, to a 15 and then 30 gallon tank and now I’m hoping to upgrade to a 60 in the next couple months. **crosses fingers** I also figured that since Simon showed me his tank, I figured it was only fair I post mine. ^_^.


4 thoughts on “My Aquarium

  1. Man i’d really like an aquarium again…i had two of them in my childhood, but recently i’ve thought about getting one again.

    Would be nice and relaxing with a large one, too bad i can’t fit one into my 1 bedroom studio apartment right now though :-\

    1. I can sympathise. We have an awkwardly shaped living room and 48″ is all I have for the aquarium foot print. I had a 100 gallon offered to me FOR FREE and had to turn it down. I was so mad!

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