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Hair Cut!


imageYou guessed it. Someone was overdue for a haircut and rather than just trim it like we did last time, we decided to go for the BIG cut. Gosh, Trubba looks better!! He didn’t even cry at the buzzing of the hair clippers which I thought he would have screamed through. He’s getting so big and brave! ♥


7 thoughts on “Hair Cut!

    1. He loved “driving” it. The apron they put on him kept covering his hands and he would get a little frustrated because he couldn’t touch the steering wheel. Lol.

      1. Awe! Well, he looks super-handsome, so I’d say it was a success. We’re debating on giving Avery a summer haircut… buzzing it off. My Indian MIL says they do that to babies in India to make their hair grow back thicker. I’m not sure… It would be much cooler for the summer, but he looks so darn cute as is… lol

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