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What Trubba Has Been Up To

I did a little post getting you all caught up in the happenings of me last week, so I figured I’d give you all a little insight on what’s going on with Trubba during all this madness.


After many failed attempts at getting him to eat watermelon last year and only being successful with Grandpa’s home grown variety, he decided that he actually loves watermelon this year. This makes me very happy considering I’d buy melons last year and end up OD-ing on them trying to eat them before they went bad by myself. Now, I have a little fruit monster to give me a little assistance!


Sometimes you need to just throw up your hands and “forget about” your problems and go out to breakfast. Yes, he and his healthy appetite cleared this whole plate! We also think we *may* have a lefty on our hands, but only time will tell.


We’ve gone grocery shopping and one day last week, my in-laws were kind enough to invite us along to Trader Joe’s (a thirty minute drive for us). His grandmother found this cart and Trubba just took off with it! He loves pushing the big carts, but this was just his size, so vrooooom!!


Mostly, we’ve been spending quite a bit of time at home. I’ve been clearing the back yard of weeds on occasion while he plays at a water table we bought at Costco earlier this month. (By playing at the water table, I include chasing Isky with a cup of water and sprinkling him with whatever water is left by the time he catches up.) Trubba has been finding toys at the bottom of the toy box that he hasn’t pulled out in awhile and we did a couple of Mother’s Day crafts.

I’ve really been trying to keep him busy, but there are some slow days. We’ve had high winds too, so going to the park is like an attempt to walk in a hurricane and my jogging stroller got a flat Thursday while we were there and I’ve yet to fix that. Guess I better get to fixin’ it! Lol.


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