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My No Good, Very Bad Week

Ugh, last week was just horrible. There’s no other way to describe it.

Both Trubba and I started the week off sick and knowing that my husband was working six days with his only day off being my school day. Weeks like that stink!

Then….the car drama. We noticed a stain developing in the floor pan of my car, so my husband deduced it was the heater core leaking coolant into my car. After a quick Google search, we found that for the make and model of our car, there was some sort of customer service satisfaction letter attached to the make/model which was later reaffirmed by the dealership. Took her in and received a phone call after they took a look at it that my car doesn’t happen to be one of the lucky ones covered, so we didn’t qualify for any sort of reduced or free work. Then they dropped that shoe.

Y’know. That shoe. The proverbial shoe-hit-the-floor shoe.

With less that 60,000 miles on our odometer, they tell me that the car needs $1,200 worth of work. Yeah, what?? I told them to kick rocks and then they called me back again with another estimate of $970. Considering I felt like this wasn’t dial-a-deal, I still went and picked up my car.

And I’m still driving it, although next week we are going to get it fixed at the tune of $800. Yup, that’s the lowest estimate we could get. So, goodbye new laptop for school, was nice to dream about you!! Guess I’ll keep using this six year old relic instead…until it dies.

So, those were the highlights, the non-highlights included Holley showing signs of snapping at Trubba, so those two can’t be anywhere near each other anymore, and the clothes dryer needing to be pulled apart and fixed. Thankfully, the dryer was a $0 repair because my husband did it all himself. Why couldn’t it be the same with my car? 😦


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