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Feeding Fishies

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I’ve known our local college has a fish hatchery (hell, I attend classes there, I should know they have one), but I always figured this wouldn’t really be anything of interest to go check out. We have an aquarium for God’s sake, why would I need to go see more fish??

I was wrong. So wrong.

We went with friends to check out the plant sale that the college was having to raise funds for their agricultural department and after we were done there, they suggested checking this out since their son also loves feeding the fish there. While it took a little while for Trubba to warm up to the idea, you can see above that he finally got the swing of things on how to feed the fish provided we put the food on the wall for him to push in. He didn’t really understand how to toss it in, so we worked around it. We all really enjoyed it. Who knew?

The Mojave River Fish Hatchery raises trout to stock the local lakes for fishermen (even running up to Big Bear) and it was pretty awesome to see the varying sizes of the fish since they were all sorted by stages of growth. While we were there, they were actually loading the delivery truck, so that was pretty neat to see as well. All-in-all a pretty educational side-jaunt as well. 🙂


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