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At The Beach

imageSometimes crazy sister-in-laws come up with the BEST ideas. Seriously, this has got to be one of the cheapest trips we’ve had in awhile and unlike Florida, Trubba didn’t try to eat handfuls of sand or shells while he was at the beach. He is, however, still afraid of the waves. (In his defense, the water was still pretty cold.)

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this trip. It was cheap because we packed lunch and parked on residential streets for free. I brought the jogging stroller so pulling it out into the sand wasn’t such a horrible thing – not comfortable either, mind you, but doable. The only thing we had to pay for was gas and a new rash guard for Trubba since everything else fit – swim diapers too – from last Summer. Despite the temperature of the water, I waded out into knee deep water with him in my arms and he seemed to enjoy resting his head on my shoulder and just watching the waves roll in and out. Nice and relaxing! That all ended though when he discovered he could walk everywhere up in the nice soft sand. My calves were on fire by the time we left, but all that walking wore him out so he slept through all of the bad traffic on the way home. Haha.

My California surfer hair kid. 😉
❤ that smile!!
Sand toy contemplations.
The waves roll in and out at Huntington Beach.

And for the curious, I once again escaped sun burn! My sun burning early twenties have taught me well!!


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