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Renaissance Faire

imageThe Renaissance Faire has been a tradition with my husband and I which began shortly after we began dating. It was one of the few places that my grandmother allowed me to go with him, but allowed me to go she did.

Last year, my husband had to convince me to try and bring Trubba along. I wasn’t too sure how the whole thing was going to work out with such a small baby, but he did more than fine, so I didn’t give it a second thought when going to the Faire this year came up.

Trubba had a great time this year as well, and it was really cool because he could do so much more. He drew in the sand with his fairy buddy from last year, dug for treasure, was able to pet some horses and see camels. Grandpa bought him a dragon which we hung in his room over his book case and…..

WE ALL ESCAPED HORRIBLE SUNBURN! That is a miracle for me and my toast in 20 minutes flat, more pale than Powder, fair complexion. 60 SPF worked for me, although I wish it could have done something for my white shirt that came home stained from dirt and chocolate. Lol. Live and learn.


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