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Big Bear

imageWe’ve visited Big Bear before, but this time we had a little more time to spend up there after taking my mid-term that morning and Trubba is much better about walking than he was last year. The hubby nor I are really shoppers, so we usually skip the shopping and park at the boat launch (for free avoiding paying for the parking pass for park parking) and we just walk the bike trail around the lake, exploring different areas as we go. The path is toddler (and stroller) friendly – we’ll attack the real hiking trails when he’s older.

We actually went a little off the path this time and explored the different small beaches by the water where we found a duck for Trubba to look at. He kept wanting to go wading into the water, but we weren’t equipped for such a feat, not to mention the water is still ice cold. You can tell the mountain creatures are still waking up after Winter, but that’s what made the day interesting since there was a lot more activity than normal.

Over all, it was a great and relaxing day, which was precisely what I needed after my mid-term that I’d been stressing about so bad that entire week!


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