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Household Cleaners

Since moving to our little house, I’ve had to wildly adjust my cleaning habits. We went from carpet to wood laminate with two big dogs. Do you know how wildly evident all of the fur balls became and how quickly they did at that? I clean our floors quite a bit and I had to figure out a way to clean these floors without leaving a residue that things like Murphy’s Oil left when I used them. I’m a little OCD about things on our floors too since I’m barefoot all the time and can’t stand things sticking to my feet.

So, I went to Google and found out that wood laminate floors should be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and water.. That folks is how mixing cleaners became my new cleaning “thing.” I’ve messed around with ingredients, but finally arrived at two cleaners I use all the time. A general all-purpose cleaner and the floor cleaner.

All-Purpose Cleaner
1 cup of white vinegar in the bottom of a gallon milk jug and fill the milk jug with water. Easy peasy right? I’ve found this mixture just strong enough to take all the grubby-sticky-toddler hand prints off of the t.v. and break up the hard water and soap scum residue on our shower door and everything in between. I literally use this to clean all the counters in the house, wipe down the couches, dust, whatever strikes my fancy. I just pour some of the mixture in a small blue spray bottle I have and store the rest under the kitchen sink. This makes life so simple instead of having to track down various cleaners for different tasks. Some use a 50-50 mix, but I’ve found this one more than adequate for our needs.

Floor Cleaner
1 C white vinegar
1 C rubbing alcohol
1 C water
I actually found this recipe on Pinterest and it’s awesome. It dries so fast on my floors, it doesn’t leave streaks provided I use a microfiber rag (we buy a huge pack at Costco and I use them for all my cleaning). I just load this mixture up in my Libman Freedom Mop, put a rag on the end and get to mopping the wood laminate. I still use Pine-Sol and a standard mop for our tile floors though, although this works decently well, it doesn’t seem to work its way into our grout to get all that desert sand out.

Don’t like that vinegar smell?
Eat an orange, but save the peel and place it in a cheap ziplock container or similar food storage plastic wear, pour the vinegar in with it, shake and let it sit for two weeks before mixing your cleaners. It helps so much. I still burn a candle after cleaning the wood laminate though because the lingering smell reminds me of hard boiled eggs or mayonnaise, but I don’t mind that since I always buy candles and forget to burn them. It’s ridiculous.

The best part of mixing your own cleaners is it cuts down on costs. I don’t even mix all of my cleaners, and it helps out quite a bit!


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