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This week, my son has developed an odd phobia of airplanes and helicopters. I have no idea how this started, but one afternoon when he was playing in grandma and grandpa’s back yard, a helicopter flew over, he sprung into panic cry mode, ushered us all in the house and didn’t feel safe until the French doors were closed. I’m hoping that this fear is fleeting like most other toddler aged phobias like going down the drain with the bath water.

The only reason why I think this may be a lasting phobia is that I was afraid of airborne craft as a child. Not in the dramatic we have to seek cover way, but in the “holy crap, that thing is going to come barreling out of the sky and crush us all” way. In my childhood, I felt that plane crashes were a common occurrence.

I also had a fear of Big Foot and the resurrection of T-Rex. I may have been a tad bit dramatic coupled with an overactive imagination, but Jurassic Park did little to help with that last fear. Just sayin’.

Now, I suffer from telephonophobia – an irrational fear of telephone calls. Many times I can overcome it, but sometimes I’ll make a phone call and stutter through it like an idiot because I have anxiety over the whole situation. I’m famous for putting off phone calls “until tomorrow” because I have just enough anxiety over the idea of talking to the person (a stranger) on the other end of the phone. Weird huh? I’d much rather drop by an office and talk to a physical person over talking to them on the phone. I can overcome the issue if it’s a part of my job, but for some reason if it’s to handle personal business at home, I’m a mess. Psychologists relate it to a fear of public speaking which I also dread so I guess I’m not that odd after all.

What type of phobias do you have?


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