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Spring Break & Laptop Chargers

I’d love to use my desktop, but Trubba and I end up fighting over the chair. Lol.


I’m not quite sure how this blog is going to turn
out considering I’m using my phone. My laptop charger,  after fighting with it for weeks,  finally decided to give us the middle finger and not work at all. I am a sad puppy. SAD.

My laptop has all the bookmarks I need for school and the only version of WORD we own,  so I kinda need that for the lesser frustration of formatting papers.  The charger is ordered and set for delivery sometime Tuesday,  so hopefully that will be the end to my suffering.

This past week was also Spring Break for me,  and gosh it went quick.  The apathy and dread I hold for the remaining of the semester has me concerned. I have this day dream of becoming an Accountant,  but the idea of continuing another 2.5 years in the same manner makes my brain seem to groan with the dread of it. I really wish I could just fast forward to the full outcome,  get a taste of it and come back more motivated than ever.

I find myself thinking about our futures too.  Remain here (we’re doing fine) or risk it one day for something better one day without guarantee?  I’m not a risk taker.  It’s why things remain the same for us. We become comfortable and complacent with what we have,  we may want more,  but we’re not really suffering now are we so why take that risk?

Yeah,  I’m a jumble of thoughts tonight.  It’s late and I’m groggy and sick of using Swype on my phone. Lol. Hopefully I’ll get the Quote of the Week up for Tuesday’s post during nap time tomorrow.  Have a good night… er, day rather after this posts in the morning.  😉


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