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Cold Sore Stages Of Grief

I woke up with one of these ugly cold sores starting on my lip this morning. I’m so thrilled. Had a semi-bad day yesterday and Trubba head butted me right in the spot where I always get them and WHAM-O!! I swear that there’s stages of grief with these things too!

1) Shock & Grief – The initial f*ck and “NOOOOOOO!” (Luke Skywalker style) moment when you feel that familiar tingle and swelling.
2) Pain & Guilt – Pain is self explanatory, but the guilt is a whole other story. I often feel humiliated by these things and afraid to step out into public because of how ashamed they make me feel. And I shouldn’t since so many people suffer from them too, but mine always get so big and give me a duck lip they’re hard to over look. 😦
3) Anger & Bargaining – The “ARRRRGH!! I hate you stupid virus!” followed by “If you go away quickly, I’ll feed you cupcakes…er something.”
4) Depression, Reflection, Loneliness – I hate these things and the cold-sore shaming puts me in an awful mood. I think back to the first time I got one of these awful things, it ended up infected and I was on antibiotics and off work (yeah, they get that crazy with me). And the loneliness is just that I set up a hermit status.
5) The Upward Turn – It comes when the thing finally starts to scab over and shrink.
6) Reconstruction & Working Through – Ha. The reconstruction is as this stupid thing heals and working through is being able to step back out into public and resume my life without feeling everyone is staring at my lip!!
7) Acceptance & Hope – The acceptance that this virus is only remaining dormant and will be there forever, I just need to realize that. Hope comes when it goes away and I can live in denial that it will never happen again. Lol.

So, if any of you need me, I’ll be hermit-ing this thing out in my living room…with the blinds closed.


4 thoughts on “Cold Sore Stages Of Grief

  1. I get them too, my dear. The worst is if I accidentally drool in my sleep and it tickles the spot where I get them. I wake up in all kinds of panic. I’ve heard that l-lysine helps keep them dormant and if you can find l-lysine ointment, it helps speed up the healing process. I always walk ’round feeling like I have leprosy or something…as if face herpes isn’t bad enough. I was literally having nightmares about waking up with one on my wedding day. *shudder* I know your pain, my friend.

    1. Hopefully that DOES NOT HAPPEN. Thankfully, I never got them until a few years ago, so I didn’t have the worries of wedding day jitters and stress bringing them on. I probably would have had similar fears. I’m drowning this thing in Abreva this morning hoping it stays small.

  2. Im just starting a relationship with a really nice guy and I haven’t told him that I get cold sores yet, I’m trying to just stay home from school and avoiding leaving the house. But this is the second one this week! I literally just got over the “Reconstruction and working through it” phase only to wake up to horrible beginning of a brand new cold sore. I’ve gotten cold sores ever since I can remember, people always assume that you received it sexually when I fact most cold sores are spread through non-sexual transactions.

    1. My husband was given “the curse” by borrowing a pencil from a friend. My son gets them too now even after washing our hands and avoiding contact. We made it almost 2 years though!

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