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Meal Planning

It’s Friday, which means a few things.

We were paid at midnight, I probably balanced the checkbook before I left for school, or it may wait until that evening, but either way the majority of it will be on its way to bills before the end of the day.

Obviously, I attended my Anthropology class, studied bones, genetic drift, alleles… Whatever happened to be on the lab list that day.

My trusty stack of recipes.

And then there’s the meal planning portion of Friday’s program. Meal planning. It’s like a phrase that’s said and immediately drops to the floor with a weight equal to the amount of dread I have for this household task. However, it is a large portion of what our weekly budget hinges on. I’ve finally reached that point where I could literally go buying crazy in a grocery store on just the spice aisle. That’s saying quite a bit for someone who just used to throw a handful of Stouffer’s lasagnas, a cube of soda, and maybe some chips, milk, cereal and bread in the cart and call the weekly shopping done.

I’m not saying I stick 100% to either my grocery list or my meal plan. In fact, this week I’ve only made 2 out of 5 meals I planned for, but at least I do have those meals there in case I need them. If I see items on sale I know we’ll use at the grocery store, I typically purchase those items too. It’s kinda nice to now have a supply of items in the pantry and know that it will get used before the expiration date. I used to feel so wasteful before, but now I feel much better about what small amount ends up in the trash can…which in the end is more money actually saved that can go elsewhere in the budget which always makes me feel good!

♣ ♦ ♠ ♥

Next week: I’m thinking perhaps some recipe sharing and MORE AWARDS!! All of you are making me feel so loved. Also, please help Leira! She only has 6 more days to meet her goal! ♥


2 thoughts on “Meal Planning

  1. I meal plan too. We have a board that we use to plan our meals and they rarely go as planned, but we swap a meal one day for another, so it works out. I find that it really helps in the grocery store. I know what to buy every time and I stock up on coupons. And only buy what I need. Well unless my husband comes with me, then he picks out things and it adds up LOL hence why I go shopping without him!

    1. Haha. Sometimes I do our Costco trip with just Trubba and I for that very reason. However, the hubby does think outside the box and we’ll end up with yummy new stuff we haven’t tried.

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