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Emilie Buchwald

Children are made readers on the lap of their parents.

As you may or may not know, I actually enjoy reading — so much so that I launched my book reviews on their own site since they were starting to dominate here. Of course, that was before I became pregnant and I had all that free time to finish up books and now I’m just too lazy to move all my entries back here. 😛

I actually had a fear that Trubba was not going to be a book reader at all. Whenever we tried to sit him down to look at a book, he usually just squirmed his way out of our laps and went toddling off. He just “didn’t have the time.” And then my friends gifted him this book (DOG) for Christmas and suddenly it was baby book worm.

No really, he hounded us with it. “Dawg-dawg! Dawg-dawg!! DAWG-DAWG!!!” He loved it so much, he ended up tearing one dog’s head off and another’s leg because they move and they’re not exactly toddler proof. I’ve given up on repairing the book because he just ruins it right away again, so instead I save the pieces to repair it another day. We’ve also purchased a couple of similar “moving” books at Costco recently depicting a rather “Bizzy Bear” which he brings to us as well so I guess we two book worms have passed on our reading habit to our toddler already.

I have to admit, that’s pretty awesome!


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