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April! You have arrived and I embrace you with all the goodness you may bring! Seriously!!

Why am I looking so forward to this month? A few reasons:

Spring break! Mine doesn’t start until April 8, so while the rest of you students were out there enjoying yours, I was still “slaving” away at college. I’m kicking it off in a great way too! How you ask? A two year old’s birthday party, that’s how. 😉

Our budget! We’ve worked hard, stayed home quite a bit, sacrificed, switched internet carriers, and paid off the credit cards. This will be the month where we get to see if all of that is truly going to pay off!! If it does, our last step to (almost) financial freedom will be paying off the car. Puuuraaaise Jesus and pass the ketchup!

♣ The weather. We live in the Mojave Desert and April is generally the last month that we don’t (completely) fry before summer. At the end of the month, it will be a little toasty, but not near the 110 degree temperatures we see during the height of Summer. I am so not ready for Summer temps. I never am.

♣ Sincere dedication to that 5K training. I have the app on my phone. I have the shoes. Now to dedicate to that running, maybe lose this mini-gut, and run (not walk) that Color Run mid-June. I can do it!!

♣ ♦ ♠ ♥

I must admit, this entry had a liberal use of the exclamation point, but I’m just that excited! There’s a new post over at Ye Olde Bookshelf too: Until Tuesday. Also, please help Leira! She doesn’t have much time left to meet her goal. ♥


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