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Nap hair.

Teething is not my Trubba’s friend. In fact, teething these molars has been the antithesis of friends.

After all of our sleeping issues in the beginning, Trubba has become a rather good and solid sleeper. I’ve been able to sneak into his room at night to retrieve the crafting supplies I still have stashed in his closet (no, we have no other room in the house) without even having him stir. Mind you, these are full scale clumsy Mission Impossible operations complete with a flashlight. Yes, a flashlight! These are no small feats and he won’t even readjust himself in his sleep as I sneak in and out of his room, generally dropping at least one thing.

But, these molars….they’re just ridiculous. This poor kid will be up at least twice a night and his naps reduce to nothing. So, then we’re subjected to a cranky and uncooperative baby in pain….and he just looks so sad the entire time it just breaks my heart. But, in the same instance, he’s such a jerk, I just can’t wait for naps or bed time even though they’re not very restful. (We’re going through a hitting and screaming phase right now. It’s definitely NOT cute.)

And then I just keep reminding myself: this is set 2 of 4 in the molar department….and then the 2 pairs of canine teeth and we’re done! We ARE DONE with teething until the next child. Right? Right? RIGHT??

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8 thoughts on “Teething

  1. Awe, that’s tough. We’ve been lucky in the teething department. Avery gets fussy and screams and cries at random times, and when he has a rough time before bed, we give him Tylenol to help him get a good night’s sleep. have you tried that?

    1. We use Advil and Humphrey’s teething strips. We can tell it gives him some relief and he will sleep for a little bit, but he’ll still be up 2 or three times at night. 😦

      1. That’s our mantra with everything from explosive diapers to sleepless nights. We chant it under our breath “This too will pass. This too will pass….” 😉

      2. I chant that too! That and when Avery is flipping out and I just want to pull my hair out, instead of thinking ‘Avery is GIVING me a hard time’, I have to tell myself ‘Avery is HAVING a hard time’… and that calms me and puts me into a much better mood for the situation. Parenting is tough stuff!

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