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Achieving Your Goals

Henry David Thoreau

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

What words to really chew over in your brain!

I think back to when I graduated High School in 2001 and ushered myself quickly into college. I had no idea what I was doing, but was told that college was the next logical step. Let me tell you, right now, it wasn’t for me.

In 2003, the Southern California Supermarket Strike hit and I became a college dropout. I was working 60 hour weeks since I was employed by a grocery store. The store was involved in the negotiations, but since they were only a smaller and very local business they “sweethearted” (meaning they’d take whatever contract was negotiated) so they could remain open. It was a crazy time, let me just say. Sometimes I’d work 11 days in a row before getting ONE day off and then I’d do it again. I.was.exhausted.

That same year (in fact, only a few days after the strike began), my great-grandmother passed away whom I’d lived with since I was 5. In essence, I lost a mother. I think this, more than anything, contributed to my leaving college – I’d lost my “foundation” as it were.

In 2004, my boyfriend (husband in a few years) and I moved into an apartment. 2005 we were engaged. 2006, we bought a house. 2007 we were married and in 2008, a friend of mine mentioned to me about returning to college to become a paralegal, so I did in 2008.

Suddenly, I had a goal. I finally applied for my certificate in 2011 and received it, but through interning and such, I found that I could probably make more in a different field in my area. As it is, I’d be making less as a paralegal than I was as a deli clerk in the grocery business. Initially, I made this new goal to acquire my Business Associates agree since I’d completed most of the units. And then it was my Administration of Justice Associates as well. These are my current goals and they’ll be completed in December 2013.

I’m really going to graduate community college after a twelve and a half year journey. It’s so unreal. And I regret little of that twelve year journey because it helped to mold who I am and realize what’s important.

So, what will be my new goal? I’ve written about this before and in short: I’m not entirely sure. I am looking forward to who I will become on my way there though. 🙂

♣ ♦ ♠ ♥

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8 thoughts on “Achieving Your Goals

  1. YAY You! I’m SO excited that you’re finishing it… no matter how long it took. You’re ABSOLUTELY right not to regret the time. It made you who you are and I firmly believe your experiences are more important as far as education goes. You may never use your education (although you probably will) BUT you’ll always be able to draw from your LIFE experiences. Now go celebrate 🙂

    1. Thank-you! Celebration occurs in December when it’s really done. I’ve already used my Paralegal Certification though by drafting a letter for some creditor explaining all the laws he was breaking – I never heard from them again. Lol.

  2. Great read! It’s always inspirational to hear about someone in a somewhat similar situation as yourself..

    I myself recently turned 30 and practically at the same time got down-sized from my (now) former employment in the textile industry.

    Now it’s time for a career change, big time. I decided to go to University this fall to pursue a degree in business It’s never too late right 😉

    1. You’re right, it is never too late! I’m going to take an accounting class next semester and see if I like that since I love keeping the books here at home. I love a well organized spreadsheet. Haha.

      1. I tried to take it previously online and was receiving an A in the class, but I had no idea how I was doing it, so I ended up dropping the class. I’m hoping having an actual instruction time and immediate feedback will help me out.

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