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Spring Break….Or Not

PushThis week has been crazy because everyone else has been on spring break except me! This means everyone else has been keeping me pretty busy – which is both good and bad. My classes don’t give us a break for another 2 weeks, so I keep on pushing on.

Also this week, Trubba and I have both been sick. My hubby worked 7 days in a row so I’ve been trying to keep myself from being driven crazy. Homework you say? Nope, that’s still not done and it’s due tomorrow night. So, ugggggh.

We were actually able to have a playdate with a friend on Tuesday though, so that was exciting!! Trubba has never learned how to push himself on the ride-on toys (and doesn’t seem to have a desire to do so either), but he’ll push someone else. It was so cute since my friend’s son is only 5 days older than Trubba. I hope they grow up to be close. 🙂

Last weekend, the blogs didn’t get done because there was just too much going on to sit down and do anything about it….so I’ve been writing during the week again. Whoops! At least they’ve been posting on time right?

♣ ♦ ♠ ♥

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