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My Weekly Schedule


It’s really strange how with not having to battle an irregular working schedule, how we seem to have fallen in to a regular one here at home since I quit. For the curious, here’s what my weekly schedule looks like (give or take):


♣ Grocery shopping
♣ Start weekly laundry
♣ Daily cleaning and such

♣ Errand running
♣ Continue laundry
♣ Daily cleaning
♣ Start week’s homework

♣ This week we have a doctor’s appointment for Trubba
♣ Hubby’s off too, so we’ll be doing a little shopping (we need to go a size up in Trubba’s shoes, finally, so that’s on the list).
♣ Daily cleaning (as always)
♣ Finish up the laundry for the week
♣ Night ends with homework

♣ Make out bills with projected Friday paycheck amount since Fridays are too hectic to get this done. We get paid weekly, so chances are there’s a bill due within the next week that needs to get sent out.
♣ Daily cleaning
♣ Hubby is off this day as well (this week) and I have no idea what he has planned
♣ Thursdays are usually my supplemental shopping day if we need something
♣ Finish up the week’s homework assignments – My homework is due Saturday at 5p, which means if I’m running behind for the week, I have Friday night too. Saturday is out because Trubba goes to bed too late for me to work on assignments and I find it impossible to concentrate with him awake or on his naps when he could wake up at any time.

♣ Payday!! We’re rich for 0.5 seconds before the bills get paid and monies are set aside for rent and the car payment. Yeeehaw. I finish balancing the checkbook before I set off to school.
♣ This week, I need to drop Trubba off with Grandma before I go. Usually the Hubby is off to spend the day with him, but not this week.
♣ Class for 3.5 hours and it’s Anthropology 101, so at least it’s interesting.
♣ I’ll pick up Trubba this week and we’ll find something interesting to do – no cleaning this day! Woohoo!

♣ Relax…well, kinda. Haha. There’s still the daily cleaning and now, the blogs to do. As it is, I’m still writing this one on Tuesday, but at least I’m not stressing trying to post it today. 🙂 I usually change all the linens on the weekend too so the house smells fresh.
♣ Draft some sort of meal plan, that usually gets tossed by events through the week, but the stuff is all here when I do get around to making the meal.

It doesn’t really look like a lot on paper, but add meal preparation, baths and showers and the daily “toddler wrangling” it’s actually a pretty full day. Since we’re actually home, the house gets messed up pretty quick — we only have 975 square feet too, so clutter is always a battle. Three more years and we can talk about buying again. Three.more.years. I’m going to start training for a 5K too in the mornings since our temps are already in the 80s this week and we’re just in Spring. I’m so not a Summer person. Yuck!!

♣ ♦ ♠ ♥

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