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Catching Up….

Ketchup…catch up…get it??

Do you ever find yourself starting a post and then wondering (out loud at that) as to what the heck you were thinking? Yeah, that’s this post. I swear this is like the fourth revision. Writer problems. Anyhoo….

Fridays are so busy for me, I’ve been playing catch up here. And by catch up, I mean failing to post on Fridays. My goal was to make this blog a Monday through Friday post since that’s when readers seem to have time to read based on my stats. I’ve decided to use some of my down time on the weekend to write and schedule postings throughout the week. Hopefully that will get me back on a regular schedule again, the downside is the posts won’t be as relevant to our lives that week and we’ll essentially be a week “behind.” This also means that Ye Olde Humdrum will post at 9 a.m. Pacific Time throughout the whole week. No more 10 p.m. posts!!

Speaking of which, how do YOU blog? I’ve started using the WordPress app on my phone quite a bit since it allows me to take photos and upload them to a post so that they’re there already when I go to write. This actually saves quite a bit of time for me and as most most mommies know, those few seconds can be a life saver.

This week in finances: payed off the last credit card!! I’m looking forward to actually seeing that income in our budget in April in our pretty Quicken program spreadsheet. (I’m a fan of that pie chart!!) The car loan is officially under 10K which means we’re really on the downside of that now. I know Ramsey says that you should sell your cars to live debt free, but the Edge is the thing I love, the first truly nice car I’ve ever owned, and dammit I’ll make sacrifices if I need to in order to keep her. We made the last car I had last ten years, so we’re aiming to do the same with this one…and it has lower miles, so I’m sure we’ll do it!

♣ ♦ ♠ ♥

Remember to check out (and help) Leira if you can! Also, been catching up on my book reviews, finally. 🙂 Read them here: Brisingr | Mockingjay.


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