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That Guy…

We’ve all been there. You’re driving in traffic just trying to get home in crowded conditions. You’re thinking about what you’re going to make for dinner and maybe about how your husband left early for work because he’s sick and has a slight fever and pretty violent chills. Maybe you’re thinking about how your toddler is sleeping in his car seat in the back seat and why he can’t seem to sleep through the night recently and how you hope there’s not something really wrong with him. You may also be thinking about how you should stay home the next day because you’ve only $15 left in this week’s budget and although you may need to make a run to Target for some stuff, you’re convincing yourself to just suck it up and just.stay.home. Payday is only two days away after all and it can wait.

And then, suddenly there’s this guy in some generic truck looking to turn left across three lanes of traffic out of the McDonald’s parking lot. Y’know, this guy. That guy!

That guy that narrowly avoids one accident to start traveling in the middle turn lane and behaves as if he needs a written invitation sent to him registered mail to merge in front of that other guy in front of you. That other guy that’s stalling up traffic to let this other idiot merge into your lane of traffic.

That guy, that once merged, after what seemingly appears to be an act of God to do so, decides to travel a full 15 miles per hour under the speed limit despite the fact that conditions are safe and traffic isn’t a factor in slowing him down.

That guy. Don’t be that guy. And as always, drive safely, everyone.

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