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Happy 100!!

Funny how when you’re not really paying attention to milestones how they kinda sneak up on you as this one did. 100 posts. Wow. That’s just unbelievable. I love how my blog has become a small community of sorts and how many of you are starting to give me feed back. Many comments have been from friends, but more are coming from kind fellow bloggers which is really exciting to me!!

Here’s some facts:

  • Ye Olde Humdrum is composed of 7 pages, most of which were created just a few weeks ago while I reorganized and decluttered my blog. Feel free to browse about and even bake off some blueberry muffins (recipe found here).
  • There are 15 categories – the newest being Quote of The Week.
  • 473 tags have been used so far, and I must be getting better at utilizing them because more people are coming to the site and I’m gaining some more awesome followers. Yes…you’re awesome!
  • There have been 159 comments (most of which are from me, ha!) and 1,176 spam comments have been made and filtered out.

So, there you have it. Some stats at 100 posts!! Ugh, okay. I should probably get back to my Anthropology reading that I was supposed to be doing for the past hour. Procrastination has been a real issue this week, but there’s so many more fun things to do on the internet!!!


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