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More On That Love Thing…..

wedding dress

I’m on a relationship kick this week after yesterday’s post and I have a lady that needs some help!!

This friend of mine is planning her wedding on a tight budget and she so happened to try on this dress at David’s Bridal the other day and fell in love. It brought on all the emotions and tears that a bride typically has with a dress that she feels is the dress. Not just any wedding dress but, THE DRESS! The problem is, the dress is a bit out of her price range, so she and her daughter are getting crafty. Literally.

If you’re moved enough to help out Leira, she or her daughter will craft you a handmade work of art. If your heart is moved to an even larger amount, you get a piece of art work and you’re personally thanked within she and her husband-to-be’s wedding program.

I’m not going to get all sob story on all of you, but she really loves this man of hers and she has gone through some rather hard times here recently. (You can stalk her blog here, but be warned some posts may be NSFW, mmmkaaaay??) I know to wear this dress on her wedding day would mean a whole lot! If you don’t donate, spread the word instead.

You hear me internetz?? Let’s go viral with this!


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