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It’s impossible to go through life unscathed. Nor should you want to. By the hurts we accumulate, we measure both our follies and our accomplishments.

Failure. Disappointment. Embarrassment. It’s funny how I always remember all those negatives, but I never remember the positives. I chose this quote because I’m reading through this novel now, but also because I was trying to determine what career I should pursue with my life. There’s just so many options and nothing really sounds appealing. I’m just so indecisive!!

Should I start up a home business and what would I do? Should I pursue my sudden spark of interest in the sciences? Then what would I do? One of my friends suggested becoming a programmer and working from home, but I even get frustrated with html. I’ve also thought about interning for the LDA I’ve interned for before and beefing up my paralegal skills, but then I’m also interested in accounting and pursuing my love of spreadsheets.

I just don’t know.

And I’m afraid…so deeply afraid…of failure.

What if I pursue any of these paths and I end up hating it? I worked in an industry I hated for 12 years and I’d love for the next career to be something I didn’t dread doing everyday. I don’t need to hop out of bed with a song on my lips like a Disney movie, but I would like to feel like I actually get somewhere with my career everyday and accomplish something. Some appreciation would go a long way too. I would also love for this career path to carry us enough financially that my husband would be able to pursue what he wants to do as well.

So, that’s my Catch-22. I’m afraid to try because I’m afraid of failing. Is that weird?


5 thoughts on “Failure

  1. Not wierd, but let go of that fear and pursue what you love to do most sans fear of financial debacle. Those are just trinkets, happiness of the soul is worth more than a new car or brand shoes. Or whatever else material things hold you back from doing what makes you happy.
    Go for it girl! And afraid of failing is nothing more than natural, it is the way you handle it is what defines you.

  2. This is not weird at all, and is honestly something that I’ve dealt with a lot as well. My only advice, if you’re looking for advice, is to remember that it’s highly unlikely for any of us to only do one thing as a job for our entire lives. That may have been true for our grandparents and, sometimes, parents, but I think that particular economy (where you start out in the mailroom of a company and can work your way up to the c-level) is gone.

    So go for it – try something out and, if you hate it (or like it for awhile until it doesn’t work with what you want out of life), change when you can.

    1. I think I’m going to go through with interning for a bit after I’m done with wrapping up my degrees and see if law is something I’d still be interested in while learning programming at my own pace. Both offer lots of opportunity to work from home if I find the right employer or I can even find jobs on the internet.

      I’m still uber indecisive on transferring to a university and I know if I do decide to go that route I will need a definite education plan. My community college transcripts look like I got lost five or six times. Lol.

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