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Friday, Friday….

imageOnly in our area could we be freezing to death in a snowstorm on Wednesday and outside in t-shirts at the park on Friday. Our weather is crazy.

This morning was the beginning of my Anthropology lab at the college campus. I haven’t been too impressed with the lecture portion of the class that I’m taking online, but my Professor was so delightfully nerdy today that I think I may have found my people. After all, anytime that apes, nipples, Star Trek, sex and zombies are discussed in a conversation, I think that’s a winner! Either that, or I’ve been caged up with a 15 month old for the past five months and any conversation that expands beyond carsh, cruck (truck), dawg-dawgs, or Elmo is exponentially more intriguing.

Today was also pay day, so finances have been weighing heavily on my mind again. Still haven’t been able to swing the extra cash for Amazon Prime so I — uh — I mean, we can catch up on The Walking Dead, but the larger credit card is now paid off. Parrrrtaaaaay! Tonight I’ll schedule to have the internet service provider changed so we can dump Verizon DSL since I find $65/month for internet as being just ridiculous when I can get the same service for $29/month the first year and $44/month the years following.

Speaking of ridiculous…what the heck is going on with the gas prices again? $4.11 for unleaded was the lowest I saw on my drive home today! I’m seriously beginning to think we should have invested in a hybrid. Yeeesh.


3 thoughts on “Friday, Friday….

  1. I’ve never heard of Amazon Prime. The Walking Dead however can be found on Netflix along with thousands of other shows and movies for $8 a month.
    We use Verizon but only for our cell phones. You are right however about switching. Most other company’s like Comcast, AT&T and Time Warner will provide 3MG download at or near 19.99 for the first year. I can never understand why people need more than 3MG download. We have our laptop, Roku, iPad and both phones on it and it works fine.

    Chris Hall
    The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy

    1. We already have Netflix, but they don’t have the current season while Amazon Prime has the current episodes the next day and we order enough from there that the addition of free two day shipping and a free book a month are awesome icing. 🙂 Our only two options for internet are Verizon or Charter in our area and neither even have a data limit option. We live in the “boondocks.” Lol.

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