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Trubba in snowWe don’t often get snow in the Mojave Desert of California, but when we do, it’s a reason for celebration. (I can hear the family in New Hampshire groaning. I’m sure they’re sick of it!) This season hasn’t dumped a whole lot of it at one time, but the storms have been pretty frequent and dropping a whopping whole inch of snow each time.

Trubba isn’t much of a fan though. The snow gets on his shoes and sticks to his hands — neither of which he really cares for. Most of our storms are pretty kid friendly too, except the one that blew in last night. This was a storm from Alaska and my sympathies to them. This one was accompanied by steady and frequent snow and high winds….and bitterly cold compared to most of the storms we get. And a whole lot of ice.

ALL of the schools are closed due to ice conditions…including the college which is really strange. I don’t think it’s ever closed in the past five years I’ve been attending there, but today it’s located between two closed over passes. Do I get a break though? Nope. I attend online all week and labs on Friday morning. Myself and the Snow Gods need to have a little talk.



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