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Banana-Blueberry Bread

imageHoly moly is this stuff GOOD!!

I had some more blueberries left over from when I made muffins earlier this month and they need to go before more of them bit the mold-dust. I happened to spy this recipe over on Pinterest, grabbed the Greek yogurt while at the grocery store yesterday, and got to baking this afternoon while my sleep deprived toddler screamed his lungs out at me from the living room. Things I did differently (because, Lord knows I can’t bake anything without altering the recipe — I’m horrible, I know):

♣ I used regular white flour instead of the whole-wheat pastry flour. I will use this in the future though because I think it would make it a heartier bread, but it just wasn’t in the budget this week with all the other stuff I had to purchase (this is our “we’re-outta-everything” week). It still turned out amazing!!
♣ I didn’t couldn’t wait the ten minutes before eating it. How could I when it was sizzling and bubbling and smelling all sorts of yummy? I have financial restraint, but not eating restraint!

So make it and enjoy it! It’s super yummy.


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