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Will Rogers

Too many people spend money they earned…to buy things they don’t impress people that they don’t like.

Money. It’s one of those necessary evils. You can do next to nothing without it and it seemingly can provide you with everything if you do. A bigger house, a nice car, and nicer things.

This is something I’ve struggled with since we went to a one-income family. We made this choice because it was the best option for our son, but boy do I miss that extra cash flow in our income. Suddenly the infrequent bills become hurdles: car registration and smog, the large car insurance bill (all of those are greater because we live in California — yes, we’re looking into relocating once I’m done with school), electric and natural gas bills becoming greater due to the season, and maintenance on our vehicles.

I’ve written before about how I’d like to start collecting the pieces for a new dining room table, but that too keeps getting pushed back due to expenses. Part of getting back on track this year is paying off the credit cards that we ended up having to use due to education and Christmas expenses in December and we are slowly getting it done with $150 on one and $60 on the other. We got rid of cable and ditched the home line we didn’t even use (a whopping $130 savings in one fell swing) and we’re switching internet providers (another $30 savings per month) and it is sooooo tempting to use those credit cards for just one more thing.

But, I’m not going to do it. I’m going to keep trudging on, paying all that stuff down so I can target the car payment and pay that down and then enjoy the financial freedom of not having any loans and I’m betting we’re going to notice a HUGE difference once it’s all done. It’s just getting there that’s the problem and having the patience to wait for all these good things at the finish line!

We can do it!!


9 thoughts on “Money

  1. I really appreciate how much discipline you’re showing. I’m TERRIBLE at being disciplined. You know, there are so many things you can do for free, at least around here but I’m sure in CA too. PLUS, it seems like, as a family, I can go back in time and see where we actually all became closer. Always during times pf financial distress. Here’s hoping that it’s this way for you too 🙂 It’s hard but it sounds like you’ve got the right attitude and you’re doing it.

    1. I’m truly so happy I found a spouse that shares the same financial view points I do. So many people I know fought over money with their partners that it became a vice to their relationship and they almost always ended up splitting up. We’ve just been visiting with friends to keep ourselves busy (and thus far from our debit card) as possible. I really cannot wait until the car loan is paid off — it is such a burden and we acquired it thinking we’d have two incomes to pay it. Ha! What’s that saying? “Man plans and God laughs?” Lol.

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