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Valentine’s Day

imageIt may not have been the most romantic of “romantic” holidays, but anytime that the hubby and I can disappear for a few hours and have some “adult only” fun is a great one.

We own several firearms and thankfully, we live in an area of California where areas of BLM land are open for shooting more than just shot guns. This means we’re free to go shoot whenever we have the time together. The downside to such a large amount of desert is the fact that people often just leave their used targets in the desert (we don’t, we leave the area as we left it), so that’s where we found the fiber glass dummy in the picture. The little orange box was ours though and we brought many clays and clay holders for targets and I became a little irritated that someone previously had used a Joshua tree as a holder. C’mon guys, those trees are endangered, show a little respect!

The best part about these sorts of dates is that we actually talk to each other. We don’t spend the time watching Trubba, correcting Trubba, being interrupted by Trubba….you get the picture. (And no, we wouldn’t take a 15-month old anywhere near a live firearm!) It was a wonderful time to ourselves to reconnect while actually participating in one of our hobbies, one that we hadn’t really participated in in a very long time.

It was a good day. 🙂


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