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A Day Off

I told myself I was taking the day off today and thus far I have:

  • Checked on my online class to see if there’s any progress.
  • Gave lil’ man breakfast (banana and Honey Nut Cherrios today).
  • Pulled the chicken out of the freezer to defrost for dinner.
  • Made the bed.
  • Cleaned off all the toddler hand prints on the t.v. Remember? The one that’s right within reach. It was bad.
  • Dusted the entertainment center because while I was cleaning the t.v. I saw how the dust was beginning to accumulate again — the hazards of living in the Mojave Desert.
  • Cleaned the kitchen counters, took out the recyclables, and cleaned off the dining room table.
  • Scrubbed down the laptop. Trust me, it needed it.
  • Collected up and re-bagged all 250 ball pit balls that were scattered across the living room by Hurricane Toddler this morning.
  • Fixed lunch for Trubba (consisted of mixing his juice with water, fried an egg, peeled and sliced a pear).
  • Took apart the sun shade to keep the sun out of Nibbler’s face in the car and boiled the suction cups. I’m hoping that remolded them enough that it actually sticks to the window now. It was a hand-me-down from my cousin’s wife, so I’m hoping this brings it back to life.
  • Scrubbed off all the grime that was beginning to accumulate on the bathroom counters (I just finished detailing both of the bathrooms, I’m not letting them start to fall behind now).

Now I’m going to wash dishes, check on the still-frozen chicken that seems to be taking forever to defrost, run up to Target, and then cook dinner.



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