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Back To School

Yes, I know I’m late for this sort of thing. My college has a really long winter break since they hold a winter session and mine was longer due to taking an 8 week course to be free of school for our Florida trip. Lugging a laptop and a stack of text books across the entire country didn’t sound at all appealing, especially the extra steps at security. Did I miss school? Absolutely not!! In fact, I’m dreading it even more tonight after this fiasco.

Yesterday I went to my college’s online bookstore to retrieve the ISBN number I needed to complete my order on Amazon (along with a K-Cup 50 pack of Nantucket Blend coffee, thank-you very much) and saw that there were two books listed for my Anthropology class. One was “mandatory,” the other was “optional.”

Guess which one I chose?

Wait for it…….

Yeah, that’s right! The mandatory one because I’m college edumicated and I can read!

Guess which one the teacher requires and explained it in depth in the email I received tonight? That’s right!! The optional one.

This seriously better not be an omen of this semester — my LAST one and all. (Which reminds me. I better make an appointment with a counselor to make sure it really is my last one. *sigh* Seriously, get me the hell outta this place!)


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