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wpid-IMAG0721.jpgI have it for IKEA bad. Ever since we built our entertainment center there, I’m like a drug addict looking for their next fix. We received a gift card to apply toward the purchase of a dining room set since most of our chairs are falling into the land of “no amount of gorilla glue is gonna fix this” and boy-oh-boy…I’m more confused than I was before as to what I want.

Not to mention the stuff I really want is at a high price tag. I mean, I guess we could buy it piece by piece, but I really want a couple of these chairs in purple, this table, and a bench on one side to start. Although, I guess I could forgo the bench until later since Nibbler still uses his high chair and hodge-podge it if we have guests. Do you see my dilemma? Gosh, I’m so damn indecisive! (I also have this dream that this will be our long-term table to see ourselves through the child damaging furniture years and will be able to expand to allow room for those holiday dinners I want to host when we are in a larger house, but now I’m just rambling. Moving on…)

IKEA is also a toddler’s dream: tons of drawers and cabinets to open and close. We just have to watch him like a hawk so he doesn’t toddle off with a glass storage container. As you can see, Nibbler was fascinated by the drawer and cabinet tester in the kitchen area and we actually had to drag him away from it kicking and screaming.

Tantrums are actually something that I’ve been becoming better with. It’s a rare event when Nibbler carries on more than a few minutes after we pull him away from something, so at least I know the chances are the tantrum will be brief. It’s either that, or I’ve stopped being so concerned with angering him that he can feel the more relaxed vibe and therefore he relaxes easier. Yeah, that’s it. I’m more relaxed now. That’s the story I’ll stick to until he’s on his back kicking and screaming at the toy store over a Nerf Gun. Haha.


5 thoughts on “IKEA

  1. i ❤ Ikea too.. and it doesn't help that it's only 20 minutes away… so tempting to just go and 'look around'…right, like I ever leave empty handed! And those purple chairs… LOVE them! The pop of color is great. I have this secret desire to spray paint a couple of our wooden dining room chairs a bright blue…

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