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Re-releasing My Inner Yogi

I used to take a “Yogalates” (a cross between Yoga and Pilates) for an hour twice a week for a semester of college. I lost two pant sizes and my glove handles in only 8 weeks and I loved it! Most mommies hate their post pregnancy body, but I love mine! I’m as small as I was in high school thanks to Trubba jump starting my metabolism when we conceived two years ago. The weight loss continued after birth with my relentless breastfeeding — not an easy task when the company you work for wants to give you a bathroom stall to pump in despite any legislation stating otherwise. Do you eat your lunch in the bathroom? No! Then why should I prepare my baby’s there? YUCK! But, I digress….

My upper body is pretty fit thanks to my 26 pound and some odd ounces wriggly counter-weight, it’s my core and legs I’m not happy with. I have a bit of loose skin that will just take time to go away, but there’s still a layer of fat I’d love to burn and my butt I’d love to tone. I have an hour or so when Nibbler is napping in which to take my shower and do any housework I can’t do when he’s awake and I’ve decided Yoga is going to fill part of this hour. This is the first thing I’m doing solely for me since he’s been born!

Any how, I found this video on YouTube which basically covers all the areas my class did and holy crap! I am sooooo out of shape in my legs and core it took me an hour to stop shaking after I did about ten minutes of this video. That is so pathetic. Lol. The best part about working out at home? I got to hop in the shower right after, which is something that the college couldn’t give me. 🙂

Things I need to watch? When I start things like this I tend to push myself too far, too fast and burn out. I’m gradually entering this workout routine and adding variation as I need to keep interest. I can also feel that I need to watch my wrists since they already have issues due to the repetitive nature of my work in the deli – especially my right hand.

**Update** Woke up this morning and what hurts most? My upper body. I guess it wasn’t as fit as I thought. Lol.


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