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Identity Crisis

imageI never cooked before I was pregnant. Never. With me working 2a-11a shifts at the deli and my husband working 12p-9p shifts at the meat department, there was no point. (We’re a grocery family, can you tell??) We lived off of Costco frozen goods: chicken pot pies, corn dogs, potstickers, philly cheesesteak sandwiches, pizza etc. Yeeesh, looking at that, no wonder I was nearing a size 15!

As soon as I announced I was pregnant, my husband went in hyper healthy mode. Low salt chicken broth (ick! Sorry, I still can’t stomach it), celery, chicken, fresh fruit. The change was so sudden, I’m surprised my body didn’t go into shock. Needless to say, that “novelty” wore off and soon we regressed back to a more reasonable, yet healthier diet.

Now, with me staying home, I’ve taken over the kitchen. I used to hate cooking with a passion, but now I put aside that hate and actually find some aspects to enjoy…like sneaking vinegar that my hubby strongly dislikes into our foods so he doesn’t notice. Ain’t I maniacal?

This dish posted uses a mixture of fresh lemon juice, red wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, pepper, and thyme. All of these ingredients I had in the house. Who is this woman who has fresh produce, three types of vinegar, and thyme on hand? WHO IS SHE? What did she do to junk food girl??

I ended up modifying the cooking method because of our junky oven. It called for broiling and I just can’t get our broiler to work correctly in this 1970’s heap, so I baked the chicken instead and boy was it good. Who is this girl that modifies recipes?? WHO IS SHE?

I’m having a bit of an identity crisis….


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