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Make Your Bed

imageI’m the first to admit it. I’m lazy. There it is in black and white. I’m one of those people that it takes quite a bit to get herself motivated some days — especially when she’s been fighting with someone about nap times. Ughhh, those dreaded non-nap days just kill me.

I read somewhere in my internet meanderings that people who make their beds are more productive with their days. As part of my New Year’s resolutions of getting back on track, this included getting back on track with the house work before I start school next month so that it’s not such a humungous chore while also balancing school work and class attendance (another uggggh — I hate going up to the college campus). I figure I can at least make the bed everyday, and you know what? It worked!!

My kitchen has never been this spotless, my kitchen floor is shiny once again, the dishes are all caught up, I’m on top of laundry (yeah, I said it!), the clutter is slowly disappearing from the living room along with the dust frosting, the book keeping is current and I still have time to relax and read or blog at night. The only thing that I haven’t done is tackle our master bathroom with a good deep cleaning. I hate our bathroom. It’s so small I call it a “water closet” and it’s literally SMALLER than the square footage of our wall closet. No joke. There’s a sink, two drawers, a toilet and a very small and ancient stand-in shower that’s never been upgraded. If it was my house, I’d get the help of my father-in-law — who is a licensed plumbing contractor — rip that fiberglass monstrosity out, upgrade/replace the drywall and tile that thing in. There would be sooooo much more room!

I’d also upgrade the 1970’s stove, but that’s another story for another time.


2 thoughts on “Make Your Bed

  1. It’s really true! I have a problem making my bed too but when I do, just like you, the rest of the house gets clean! Feeling sorry for your bathroom accommodations:-( lol

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