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Chicken Chaser

iskyThunder Fear Dog (TFD) has been a very bad boy. TFD chose to dig under the back fence of our yard today to chase some chickens. Yes, chickens!!

At our old home, we had issues with him as a puppy digging underneath our side fence to play with our neighbor’s dogs. Thankfully, we were all on good terms, he never destroyed anything, and it just became a fact of life until he grew out of it and realized he preferred being inside on our couch far over getting passed back over the fence. (Either that, or we TFD-proofed the fence enough for him to not be able to dig under it anymore.) When we moved, I expected his good behavior to continue, and it did for two years…until today. I’m actually really surprised he dug under a fence motivated by chickens since he’s never shown interest in anything aside from other dogs. I’m also extremely grateful that he was unsuccessful in snagging any of them, although I’m unsure if he would have even known what to do with it once he did. Understand, he’s a lout and he doesn’t think anything through until he just finds himself in the moment.

I’ve also never spoke with our neighbors behind us, but I’m happy to report that they are nice, wonderful, friendly, and understanding people and I hope that they thought the same of me. I really wish we had met under better circumstances though.

I’m reasonably sure the chickens probably think ill of our new chicken chaser and their relationship is pushed beyond the boundaries of recovery, however.


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