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On occasion, I go through my subscribers to see who’s actually reading my blog(s) and get to know you. Yes, YOU! I really do like the whole lot of you and most of you have a twisted sense of humor like me as well, so I’m always in good company and humor.

I gained a new subscriber the other day and I felt compelled to share her with you all. Meet Tammy Robinson. She’s a stay at home mother to Holly — and she’d like to stay that way — and you can help her do that. If you’re a reader and own a Kindle, you may be interested in her book Charlie and Pearl, but I’ll let her tell you about that. If you do end up purchasing her book and enjoy it, leave a review, that would be the second way that you could help Tammy and Holly. I depend heavily upon reviews when considering a new author and I’m sure many of you fellow bookworms do too.

Thank-you for taking a look and thank-you for reading my blog.


9 thoughts on “Subscribers

  1. Oh you are so wonderful! Thank you so very very much for doing this ♥ I was very sad as I lost a dear friend today 😦 (Kathryn, the lady the book is dedicated to passed away from cancer. She was only 38 and has an 8 year old daughter)
    Obviously I am still sad, but you have given me something to smile about x

    1. That is so sad. 😦 Here in the U.S. many people show their affection for a lost loved one by putting a vinyl applique on their car somewhere stating “In loving memory of [fill in name here]” and then the years they were born and died. It always tugs at my heart when I see someone passed young because I wonder about their family — specifically their children if they had any and their parent(s) they left behind.

      I’m so happy I was able to give you something to smile about today!!

  2. This is GREAT. I follow Holly too and love that’s she’s succeeding at being a terrific SAHM! I don’t have a kindle but I’ve just learned that (duh) kindle is free to download on my computer. I’ve been thinking about doing just that in order to purchase her book all night long so when I woke up and saw your post… it was kind of like a confirmation that I have to do just that! lol

    BTW… I really do enjoy your blog as well:-) Have a fantastic day and thanks for doing this for Holly!

  3. Okay so I just did it (finally bought a copy of Charlie and Pearle) and kindle is downloaded… ready to start reading. NOW, to find the time to finish the book I’m actually reading so I can start reading Holly’s book:-) BUT I promise to leave a review when I’m done. Good tip about the reviews, btw…

    1. I suffer from to-read-list-itis. My “to-read” list grows and grows and I seemingly never have time to actually read anything on it. 😉 I’m thinking of actually utilizing the Kindle app on my phone to read her book since it would make it easy when I’m rocking Trubba to sleep or just relaxing for a second I could read a few pages.

      1. I know! There’s no time to read everything I have on my list but I did actually at least START reading Charlie and Pearle today. It’s just hard because I can’t take my laptop into the bath tub cause that’s where I do all my quality reading! hahahaha

      2. Haha! Glad to know I’m not the only bath reader. I’m so scared I’m going to drop my Nook in there one day, but that’s the only place it gets any real quality use.

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