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Cold From H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks

wpid-IMG_20130119_091812.jpgI posted weeks ago about how Nibbler has been sick. Well, he never really got better and now this stupid little head cold has turned into a hacking cough, runny nose with a dash of his coughing so hard that he ended up throwing up last night. This mommy is not cut out for a sick little one. Nope, not at all. (Is any parent really?)

Yesterday was the return of our nap issues, preceded by a previous day of not such great napping, but it was passable. Our poor little Trubba — I’m just not used to seeing him so sad looking and he always seems to take a bad turn with a cold just in time for the weekend so seeing his doctor is out and it’s not so bad as to take him to Urgent Care. Thus far, we’ve yet to land ourselves in the Emergency Room, thank the Lawwrd!

Something not affected by his cold? His appetite. This kid can still eat like a beast.

wpid-IMG_20130119_093150.jpgI ended up pulling out the box of toys that I’d rotated out of his toy box so that he would have something new to explore today. That is probably one of the best pieces of advice I took from another mommy: toy rotation. When he loses interest in a toy, I can rotate it out and bring out something new or used. This only works for smaller toys that I can put in a tupperware box that I slide under his crib for storage, but his bigger toys he plays with quite often anyway. He also has a tent with a tunnel that I fold up and stuff between the desk and the display cabinet and I pull it out when he needs something new. (Have I ever mention we need an office? All of this furniture is in our tiny living room!)

So, that’s about all that’s going on here today. Just a couple — yes, I’m still sick too — of sickos together on a Saturday. Pajama day! Don’t judge me.


5 thoughts on “Cold From H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks

  1. Poor baby boy:-( I HATE it when a little one is sick. I feel so helpless. Be careful tough, a little girl I take care of sometimes had what her parents thought was a cold too – hacking cough that made her throw up, etc… – it turned into a fever of 103 so they took her to the children’s ER and she was admitted into the ICU with double pneumonia. She’s been there for 3 days now, not allowed to eat anything. Whatever it is going around is BRUTAL. Take care of yourselves:-)

    1. Crazy you mention that – I know two girls that had babies Nibbler’s age that ended up in the hospital with pneumonia this past month. I met up with a father at one of our local parks that their kids had the same exact cold pattern Nibbler did: 2 weeks of a little cold, a couple days well, and then a week of the nasty part. Thankfully he never exhibited any fever (he’s yet to have one at all actually) or we would have been in someone’s waiting room somewhere be it his doctor or the hospital.

      This stupid cold actually fully went away somewhere in the past two days or so. Thank goodness! He’s so much happier which makes us happier too. 🙂

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